random musings - october continued

october 10

 last night they screwed up when they turned the lights out.  the hallway lights went out as well as the ones in our rooms, and for a few wonderful seconds it was completely dark.  i'm really looking forward to darkness.

the darkness around here today is just the general mood.  it has been an eventful and rather unpleasant day.

i was in the shower this morning, around 10am, when the loudspeaker came on.  “ladies, to your rooms. everyone to your room.”  fuck.  that's weird – i wonder what's happening?  my first thought is that the very pregnant woman on D-wing has gone into labour, but as time goes on it starts to feel more tense and serious than that.  there's a lot of activity over the loudspeaker, asking various important people (like lieutenants aka white shirts, and the head of security) to call various extensions.  the guards are not happy.  lunch is a solemn affair, behind closed doors with no mass trading opportunity.  we are not impressed.

boredbutnotbroken, continued

november 3 2012 - today is my one month left celebration!  that means candy, and a strange, as yet to be determined concoction involving a melted chocolate bar. 

it also means my time here is running out, so i need to get my shit together and assess what i can realistically get done in the few weeks i have left.  what am i going to have to set aside for later?  where am i just going to be forced to admit defeat?

i've been thinking a lot lately about how i'll be able to contribute to prisoner justice work from the outside.  one thing i'd really like to do is keep this blog going.  the people who run and work in jails are aware that people on the outside don't really know what goes on in the inside, and have very limited contact with prisoners.  they benefit from this and to some extent they rely on it at the same time prisoners want to share their stories – that became obvious when we put together the peak special issue on ontario prisons over the summer. 

random musings - october

october 2, 2012

today i started training as a laundry worker.  how did this happen?  and am i going to regret it?

about a week ago one of the two laundry workers, who is being sentenced to pen time soon, told me that she'd overheard guards saying i might be a good person to take her place.  strange that for seven and a half months i was considered too much of a security risk to even let off of maximum, and suddenly i'm considered a good candidate for a jail job.  but there it is: Vanier logic.

so. . .would i be interested?

i told her i'd think about it.  i weighed the pros and cons.


-i'm pretty busy already;

-i'm politically opposed to doing free labour for an institution i think should be abolished (this is a BIG con).


 -i've been wanting to write about prison labour since before my sentencing, and the best way to learn about it is to do it;

 -"payment" is junk food (chocolate bar, chips and pop) and extra meal trays - which means more fruit and vegetables and the occasional cookie or muffin - which i would certainly enjoy;