it's official: MAIL FAIL

well this is embarrassing.

 i am sorry to say that in spite of my good intentions and my best efforts, it's no longer possible for me to answer all of your letters.  i'm so sorry.   i've been deluding myself for months that i'll be able to catch up but no matter how hard i try, the pile of unanswered mail keeps growing – and sooner or later i am going to lose it all in a search.

 of course, this is a testament to how awesome you all are!   i would love to keep hearing from you as long as you won't be offended if i can't write you back.  but if you're looking for a more balanced relationship with an incarcerated pen pal, i suggest contacting your local prisoner correspondence project or prisoner solidarity group or google jail pen-pals.  there are a lot of inmates who would love to get letters and who will be able to put the time and energy you deserve into replying.   with Prisoners Justice Day coming up on August 10th, this is a perfect time to spread the solidarity around. 

 i feel pretty terribly about having to retract my promise to answer every letter, but i never would have imagined getting this many and with only four months left to go i need to be realistic. . .i hope you understand and won't hold it against me.  as always i am grateful for and honoured by all of your support.

love and rage,

mandy :)