there are some costs associated with jail.  for me, they are a storage locker, collect calls from jail to folks who shouldn't have to pay for them, money for the weekly canteen (so i can buy toothpaste, magazines, paper and stamps, etc), travel costs for visitors, and books that all need to be bought new.  i've estimated that everything can be completely covered for $4000.  
some things to know about my financial situation:  

i recently received a settlement as a result of a class action lawsuit stemming from a protest back in 2000.  i put the money aside so it could be used for benefit of the community - i never considered it to be mine to spend.  i have however borrowed from this money to pay for everything in advance, so nobody ever needs to get stressed about my financial situation... but i do intend to pay it all back.

when you're considering whether or not to donate, please keep these things in mind.  your contribution will allow me to take less money from communal prisoner support fundraising efforts, which is good since my sentence is longer and my total costs will be higher.  it will also mean that the money i set aside for community projects in guelph will still be there.  but it's not urgent!  so if there are more important things to support, please do.    

if I reach my goal of $4000 I’ll stop taking donations, and at the end of my sentence any leftover funds will go to other G20 prisoners and/or legal support.   

here’s how to donate:

1. paypal: click on the icon in the lower right corner.
2. write a cheque or money order to Mandy Hiscocks with Occupy Vanier 2012 in the memo line, and mail it to Mandy Hiscocks, 199 Rushton Road, Toronto ON, M6G 3J2.
3. email Joanna at if you’d like to drop off a cash donation.

unless you want to remain anonymous, when you donate please send an email to Joanna at so i know who to thank.