The "Beaver Dam" Effect

hi everyone!

i recently celebrated six months since my release.  weird... it seems like much longer that i've been out.  in some ways it's hard to believe i was ever locked up - luckily i have this blog to remind me!  i also wrote a feature article for the spring/summer issue of Shameless, which is all about law, disorder and justice. 

the following piece was written by Terrance Naistus in march of 2011.  he asked me to post it here.  Terrance is currently serving a sentence in Edmonton Institution, which is a federal penitentiary.  this post was written about Saskatchewan Penitentiary after he did some time there.


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hi everyone!

it's been a long time since i've posted anything here.  i had hoped that the blog would continue to be used by prisoners after my release, and although it's been a slow start, i still hope that will happen.  i've been in touch recently with a woman named Jeanette Tossounion who is currently serving a sentence at Vanier.  she asked me to post the following piece to Bored But Not Broken.  it's a really good example of the pettiness of the institution's need for control, and of the significant consequences it can have on the inmates there. 

i have a piece from an inmate at Edmonton Institution that i'll post here soon.  please keep reading - there are so many people looking to tell their stories to people who give a shit.  and if you're in touch with any prisoners please do let them know that they're welcome to post stuff here.  thanks!

so this is it folks. . .

November 21 - Aries - Life is good and about to get even better.  You can't quite believe that ?  Well you will when you begin to see that everything is going your way at last.  Keeping a positive attitude is easy when so many positive things are happening.